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The Sentinel of Sorrows STL Collection

The Sentinel of Sorrows STL Collection

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The Sentinel of Sorrows STL Collection

A highly detailed 28mm figure for table-top RPG gaming and collectors designed specifically for FDM and resin 3D printers. The 3D model is accompanied by a 5e Stat Block, three item drops, and an exclusive high resolution illustration, perfect for printing or for use as a desktop background image.  

Product Features;

- 28mm figure. Medium sized figure in RPG gaming, 

- The The high resolution Deathless Apprentice illustration.

- Three item drop cards.

- The Sentinel of Sorrows 5e stat block.

- Full sculptural fidelity for printing 12 inches tall or greater.

- Parted and keyed base option to reduce supports.

- Freestanding option for larger desktop printing.

- Ability STL models

- Detailed instructions outlining recommended FDM printing settings.

- Free access to any future iterations of this model. Re-download any time.

*Non-Commercial use only. For merchant options visit patreon.com/tigerskullrpg