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My name is Alex Kolakowski and I’m the artist behind Tiger Skull RPG, an art studio creating dynamic, original characters that drive the most immersive tabletop role-playing encounters imaginable. Every figure is meticulously sculpted, illustrated, and brought to life with compelling narratives and unique characteristics.


If you’re not familiar with tabletop role-playing games, there are quite a few to try but the most popular is certainly Dungeons and Dragons. Fifth edition D&D is a grid-based adventure game with miniatures where players create their fantasy avatars through a multi-session campaign full of quests, monsters, and rich storylines. Like many miniature studios, Tiger Skull RPG figures are designed to be played in D&D5e under the open gaming license. Players of Dungeons and Dragons or other RPG games can weave Tiger Skull RPG characters into their play sessions and defeat our carefully crafted foes.
What sets Tiger Skull apart from the pack is our ongoing dark fantasy saga. Each new legendary collection expands upon the story of a fated necromancer, Daeis Leviat, also known as the Reanimation Master. Every new figure in the universe exposes a small part of his story, following his struggle to attain eternal life and cultivate his army of undead mercenaries.

It’s a very exciting time for us. I personally have been a fan of the genre all my life and it’s amazing to be able to craft an RPG as I had enjoyed as a kid growing up in the 90’s. Tiger Skull RPG takes inspiration from the Super Nintendo RPG games like “Secret of Mana” and “Legend of Zelda” but with a dose of the 80’s sword and sorcery aesthetics of classics like “Conan the Barbarian”.
We’re never short of inspiration and enthusiasm here at Tiger Skull RPG but one challenge has got to be feature creep. If you’ve never heard of the term, it’s basically the fact that so much love is poured into the project month to month and it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew, which results in some late evenings at times. It’s staggering to think about how much content has been released in the past year, it’s definitely the most work I’ve done in my 10 year career as an artist.

Even with all of the extra hours, it’s still been a lot of fun. The most enjoyable part of the experience would have to be the illustration process. They are an interesting mix of media and provide a fully realized window into the universe. Oftentimes they start with a vague idea which is then expanded upon quite organically to the point where I”m discovering the image as it is being created. The act of creating the imagery is a journey unto itself and I am sometimes shocked to discover where the process lands at the end.
I hope that has illuminated a little bit about how fans of Tiger Skull RPG experience the project. I welcome you to follow along and get lost in the world that is Tiger Skull RPG.  you can follow us on Instagram to discover the latest as it is happening. Merchant licenses are available on Patreon. Have a good one and thanks for reading!

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  • David Worle

    OMG! Your models are so freaking amazing! We were looking for a model to use for my sons dnd character and man did we find it in the Lotus Piercing model.

    I own a marketing agency that works in the video game business and we are often looking for unique ideas for our clients. I could see a campaign promotion where you would model something and we would gave a Youtube painter paint it. Damn that could be so freaking cool. If this is something you would consider let me know and I we can match up your art aesthetic to a game we are marketing.

    But even if that doesn’t work out, I will be buying your models for sure! I absolutely love your work!!!!!


    David Worle

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