Crawling Death II

Crawling Death II

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Crawling Death II

Power, wealth, prestige...while the petty measures of men govern the living, grim impermanence quietly reins. Kings fall to peasantry in the face of immortality. Conquerors ruthlessly conquered at the nod of death's crown. Blinded in optimism, some have sought to bring about the extensions of life. Tenderly illustrated as the pursuit of the fountain of youth. In truth, this fountain's water run thick with the blackened blood of the dead. Its winding channels traverse sacrifice and decay. Yet, sure as the suffering of life, it exists to be mastered, and be assured, it has. In a somber domination of flesh, a dark messiah gives rise to the unceasing deceased, a rise to the legion of cursed death.



Physical miniature for tabletop RPG and wargames.

Material: Grey resin

Dimensions: 30.51mm x 30.51mm x 33.43mm

 Printed and shipped from Canada

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