Fallen Knight
Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight

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Fallen Knight

"Lotus, if you are reading this, then I suppose my injuries have prevailed and I have met my life's end. What pains me well beyond the sting of my wounds is the thought that you alone must face the horrible Red Thrall. I am ashamed to recount this, but if you are to face them, I feel I must share with you whatever I can. I did not die an honorable death. In fact, I begged. No, shouted for their mercy. Only to have my screams echo back to me, ringing off of their hollowed armor. They are not men, I tell you!"


Physical miniature for tabletop RPG and wargames.

Material: Grey resin

Dimensions: 43.39mm x 43.21mm x 31.23mm

 Printed and shipped from Canada

Shipping to USA: 3-5 estimated business days

Shipping to Canada: 2-8 estimated business days

International shipping: 5-22 estimated business days.