The Savage Remains Physical Miniatures

The Savage Remains Physical Miniatures

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The Savage Remains print-on-demand bundle features 19 skeleton figures with assorted dismembered skeleton models.

With these skeletons it's simple! Just snap and scatter. Use any of the poses to populate your dungeon with fallen souls! Or, snap off those skinny limbs and make it rain death, and decay!

Product features:

2 Skeleton Archers

3 Skeleton Axemen

5 Skeleton Swordsmen 

3 Skeleton Pikemen

2 Skeleton Daggermen

4 Fallen skeleton classes

1 Impaled skeleton

5 Impaled skulls 


*** Please note that these pieces are fragile, therefore will come with supports to ensure they do not break during transport and delivery.

*** Supports should snap off easily, but please be careful when removing supports.

Material: Grey resin

Dimensions: 32 mm

 Printed and shipped from Canada