Wycked Mystic

Wycked Mystic

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Wycked Mystic

"Have you gathered what you came all this way for? I've been watching you indulge your lavish fantasies and I must say, your greed is quite extraordinary. I've noticed you're not quite as nimble as you were when you entered. Perhaps the weight of my trinkets have you feeling a little lethargic. Why don't you rest for a moment? it has been a long day for you. Find a spot along the wall, near the torchlight. Bask in the warmth of the fire, tally your spoils, make yourself comfortable. After all, you're going to be here a good while. Forever, in fact. You see, no one who has entered my sanctuary has ever left and none ever will. Those riches you carry... they are the possessions of those who have come before you. I don't know what treasure you have hoped to discover, but I promise that what you have found is far more magnificent than any gem or jewel. You have discovered Leviat's prized possession, his intermediary to the magic of elder gods, his undying enchantress. I will be your final fortune, your final fate. I am the Wycked Mystic"


Physical miniature for tabletop RPG and wargames.

Material: Grey resin

Dimensions: 27.03mm x 28.67mm x 42.69mm

 Printed and shipped from Canada

Shipping to USA: 3-5 estimated business days

Shipping to Canada: 2-8 estimated business days

International shipping: 5-22 estimated business days.